Welcome to the official homepage of RavenMUD! RavenMUD consists of heavily modified CircleMUD taking form as a text-based world set in a medieval fantasy atmosphere. You can choose from a number of classes: Death Knight, Shou-Lin, Necromancer, or Ranger—just to name a few from our list. Do we have racial options? Yes, we do! RavenMUD offers 11 different races to complement our 11 classes; the chance to unlock more powerful races is available via customized quests located throughout the game.


RavenMUD has been around for going on twenty years, and we are not going anywhere. You can spend literally thousands of hours finding new areas, new equipment, and new quests to play in our ever-expanding world! Our massive realm offers nearly infinite riches—and nearly infinite danger—and your survival is jeopardized, seemingly, at every turn. Welcome to RavenMUD: where every smile conceals an enemy, and every handshake conceals a dagger.